BC Electrical Techniques

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B C Electrical Techniques were founded to supply post WWII London with transformers for emerging industries such as television and radio and many specialists who were themselves supporting new industries.

The Company moved to its present site in Aylesbury, Bucks in 1968, where we design and manufacture transformers and related components, assemblies and complete items for all sectors of industry at home and abroad.

We offer:

Design and Innovation.

Design and innovation has always been a key characteristic at BC Electrical Techniques and aids to design have ranged from the slide rule, through early programmable calculators to today’s PC based package developed by our own ‘in house’ team and standard CAD packages.


Ranges from simple transformers for control applications, calibrated inductors, transformers and reactors up to 200+kVA, battery chargers and, recently added, Patterson Test Equipment and Control Techniques Drives distributorship.

We have a range of standard ‘off the shelf’ products for ‘distress’ situations.

We pioneered the use of aluminium foil and strip and can wind in this medium and also copper foil, thin foil windings often being beneficial in high frequency applications including harmonics reduction.

We are fully compliant with ISO 9000.2000.