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Coils and Coil Winding

Coils and coil winding services

Open and Formed Wound Coils

We wind a range of open and bobbin wound coils for a variety of applications.

RF coils are wound for telecommunication equipment and for audio units. Our in-house toolmaking facilitates prototyping and rapid customer service.

Coils can be wound onto plastic bobbins or other customer specified cores as in the Chattock test device. Similarly moisture measurement can be achieved with wound devices.

Toroidal chokes by hand winding are part of our Sub-contract service, particularly miniature RF toroids.

We make self-supporting coils using self bounding wire. Our highly skilled operators can wind to ensure closely packed turns where space is limited.

Aluminium Strip Coils

Large air-cored inductors can be made inexpensively using an aluminium foil. Typical applications include load banks where linearity is required.

Dressed Coils

We wind coils for a variety of electromechanical devices. The picture gives examples of our coils used in marine industry applications.

We also manufacture potted coils. A typical use for these Coils is to generate vibrations in automated production sorting machinery. The coils use customised bobbins, frames and potting moulds.

Coil Winding Service

Coil winding is a specialist manufacturing process which produces the wound components essential in a very wide range of technical products. It is a classic example of the advantages of sub-contracting and we have provided this service for many years, establishing a niche business to provide small quantities of high quality wound components and adopt a distinct approach.