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Isolation Transformers

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Isolation transformers are useful for sensitive equipment such as computers and other IT equipment where isolation may be an advantage. Ratings are based on an intermittent duty cycle of 50%. In practice this means 'half hour on - half hour off'.

Auto Transformers / Isolation Transformers

Isolation Transformers

240V Step-down to 100V or 115V to allow use of most USA appliances and machines.

Rating (Watts) Construction Order Code Outlets Weight (KG)
100 CASED MAI/100/2 2 4.0
200 CASED MAI/200/2 2 5.5
500 CASED MAI/500/2 2 7.5
1000 CASED MAI/1000/2 2 11.0
2000 CASED MAI/2000/2 2 16.5


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Auto Transformers

Isolation Transformers

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