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Marine Isolation Products

Marine isolation transformers in use in marina at night

Transformers for Galvanic Isolation

When connecting mains electricity to boats, it is necessary to provide isolation from the mains. This is achieved using an Isolation transformer. This way, the connection with shore earth is interrupted and damaging electrolytic corrosion to hull fittings is avoided.

Now available – two-stage tap changing version for up to 25A load. Maintains viable voltage on boat from supply as low as 175Volts.

Galvanic Isolators

Another way of achieving isolation is to use a Galvanic Isolator.

BCET manufacture two sizes, 16A and 32A. Each has a meter fitted to indicate whether stray currents are flowing and will block out small differences in potential (up to two Volts)

DC Power Supplies

Our Caravan Power Supplies, PB10 and PB17, are ideal for pumps, lighting, radio, TV etc., with guaranteed ruggedness and long life.


Galvanic Isolators

Transformers for Galvanic Isolation

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