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Transformers for Industry

Custom industrial transformer manufacturer

Mains Transformers - 'ESTRASIL' brand:

A range of Multi-tap transformers for industry, using UL recognised materials.

Auto Transformers:

Conversion units allowing USA and Japanese appliances to be used on UK Mains electricity, and UK or European appliances to be used on USA or Japanese mains supply.

High Voltage Transformers

Large window 'Unilam' transformer types with unique potting system allows up to 20kVac without resort to oil-filled tanks. Oil still remains the 'de rigueur' method of achieving higher voltages.

High Frequency Transformers

High powers can be achieved by using large ferrites that are now available.

Isolation Transformers

Isolation transformers are useful for sensitive equipment such as computers and other IT equipment where isolation may be an advantage. Also used in the marine leisure industry.

Three Phase World Supply Adaption Transformers

A range of open or enclosed 4 wire 3-phase auto transformers with UK, US and continental ratings. These can also be used as an inexpensive way of reducing energy costs on lighting and equipment that functions satisfactorily on 220Vac.

Custom Designs

We also wind transformers to customers' design to meet agreed specified performance. We make laminated transformers with customised mounting arrangements such as PCB mounted or clamp/frame. Other requirements such as unusual mountings, low loss/temperature rise, ultra low impedance or toroidal wound, can all be addressed. Typical Uses are: Power units Environmental control, Battery Chargers, Isolated mains powered equipment.


Mains Transformers

Auto Transformers

Isolation Transformers

Three Phase World Supply Adaption transformers